Knowledge is Power: Tala’s breadth of experience within the areas of derivatives and related financial transactions make her an invaluable asset to our clients.


Implementation is Key: Joe skillfully creates scalable teams for client implementation – he finds the right talent and combination of team members to ensure that projects are completed in manner exceeding client expectations.


creative options to the traditional
model of providing legal services

Washton & Gitto is a law firm with the primary goal of making it easier for our clients to do business. We achieve this goal by affording our clients creative options to the traditional model of providing legal services, oftentimes sending our attorneys (individually or in teams, as needed) directly to our clients' offices for specified periods of time. This arrangement maximizes the efficiency and focus of the legal services provided. With Washton & Gitto attorneys integrated into our clients' daily business and legal functions, we are able to provide seamless legal solutions specifically tailored to the means, methods and cultures of our clients' operations.
The leadership of Washton & Gitto has over 25 years of experience working at some of the nation's largest and most prestigious law firms and financial institutions. We bring that experience and commensurate work ethic, responsiveness and attention-to-detail to every aspect of the client relationship. Washton & Gitto is comprised of a team of attorneys possessing sophisticated legal skills and business acumen. As comfortable working one-on-one with a client as we are as part of a team working on- or off-site for a common project, Washton & Gitto is well-suited to handle the ever-changing needs of today's business and legal environments. With substantive knowledge across a broad spectrum of practice areas, Washton & Gitto provides sophisticated legal counsel to its clients through unique insourcing relationships, project solutions and management and outside counsel advisory roles.